Guide to Asking a Girl For a Movie

There’s this girl you’ve been crushing on for quite a while and you really want to ask her out for a movie, but you simply don’t know how to go about it! Have no fear; I’m here to help you out with that one!

Set the Ball Rolling

First off, if you haven’t done so already, you need to muster up the guts to go and talk to her. Get a conversation going, if she’s in class with you, ask her for notes, or offer to help out if she’s missed class and needs to catch up, or more simply, just get together and complain about how crappy your teacher is (do make sure that’s not her favorite teacher!).

Keep your eyes and ears open and find out her interests and what kind of movies she likes. If she’s a chick flick kind of girl, then here’s the bad news, you’re probably going to have to watch that chick flick! Start off by asking her what the last movie she saw is. Then build from there and ask her what she wants to see next.

The Shy Approach and the Sly Approach

Then, here’s the old trick, buy tickets for a movie which you know she’ll like, then tell her that you’ve got an extra ticket for that and your friend cancelled on you last moment. Ask her if she’d like to come along with you instead, and voila, that’s all in a day’s work! Of course, you need to buy tickets for the movie when you know she’s free! End with something like, “this was fun, we should do this some other time”!

Or, if the prospect of being alone with the girl of your dreams intimidates you, schedule an outing with a group of friends, try and get some of her friends to go with you also and invite her to be a part of the gang! Make sure you are seated next to her and ask her out separately after you become comfortable around her. Asking a girl for a movie is that simple!

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