How Shall We Have a Healthy Lifestyle?

There are many different ways to remain healthy. A very simple way is walking. Morning walk is the best but if we do not have time in morning, we can walk anytime in a day. For starting, one can give 5 to 10 minutes to walking and should gradually increase this time in the succeeding days. Increasing time should not be taken as burden. It should be according to convenience. Young people better go for running as they have good stamina. Other simple exercises are stretching, push-ups, chin-ups and simple abdominal exercises.

Now days body building or body shaping is very popular among teenagers. They all want to have fit and muscular body. They are generally inspired by celebrities. Gyms and Fitness centers play a very important role in giving right path to teenagers as they have no knowledge about the exercises and they want to do much in less time. Good and qualified instructor is a first necessity to begin. Safety precautions like using back belt, wrist bands etc are to be taken before starting exercise. Like boys, girls are also passionate towards exercise but their main focus is generally to lose weight. Like many actresses, they also want to be slim and sexy. They do not bother about the side effects in sudden losing of weight. Most of these girls suffer from depression, fatigue, sex problems, malnutrition and many other diseases. It does not mean that exercise is harmful for girls. They should work out but slowly and properly under the guidance of specialized instructor.

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