Unique Tattoo Designs for Girls

Cute tattoo designs for girls are easy to come by. You can simply do a quick search online and find something feminine or graceful that suites your personality perfectly. But there are other ways go about coming up with a cute tattoo design. Here are a few suggestions.

If a cute tattoo design to you means something feminine, girls can never go wrong with some kind of flower design. The way the pedals and stems move on your skin can be very girly, sexy, or even erotic. It is a classic idea for a cute tattoo design for girls. However, it has been done a lot, so make sure your idea is unique and particular to you.

Another tattoo idea for girls is an Asian character. Though it has been embraced by both sexes over the years, it is an interesting way for girls to show off their personality. Choosing words that signify who you are is crucial however. You do not want to be stuck with a word or phrase that has nothing to do with you. The same can be said about getting the correct character. You do not want to be showing off your new ink to your friends telling them it means “love and water,” when in reality it means “cheeseburger.” So keeping that in mind, a well placed Asian character is a very cute tattoo design for girls.

Music notes and bar staffs have also become very a very popular tattoo design for girls in recent years. Not only do a the bar staff and notes appear to gracefully flow across your skin, it also often times shows depth of character. Pick a song you really like, one that truly means a lot to you, look up the sheet music online, and you and the tattoo artist work something out that you like. Not only will it look beautiful, but like the Asian character suggested above, it can be a great conversation starter.

An ink job is nothing to be taken lightly. It is a decision you will live with for the rest of your life. Cute tattoo designs for girls are easy to find or think of. Do some research online and really think hard about what it is you get. Again you don’t want “cheeseburger” tattooed on your body for the rest of your life.

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